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Tacel Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Traffic control systems
Locations: 3
Employees: 30
Annual sales: $10-15 million
Users on Sage Accpac ERP: 10

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“We view the new solution as a key factor in our becoming one of the leading manufacturers of traffic control systems in Canada.”
— Jeffrey Smart, Tacel Ltd.

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Success Story

Tacel Gives Green Light to Impac Solutions and Sage Accpac ERP

Stay steady on the gas pedal or hit the brakes?

In Canada, your answer is often determined by products from Tacel Ltd., one of North America’s largest suppliers of traffic control equipment. Incorporated in 1979, Tacel is proud of its homeland. The firm is 100 percent Canadian owned and operated, most of its products are assembled or manufactured at its plant in Toronto, and it uses Canadian suppliers whenever possible to reduce lead times and boost the local economy.

Besides product manufacturing and distribution, Tacel often provides commissioning and inspection services to customers, who include major municipalities, mass transit groups and federal agencies.

Traffic Jams with Legacy Software

As early as 1990, Tacel switched from manual bookkeeping to a Sage Accpac solution. “We absolutely loved it,” says Jeffrey Smart, Senior Vice President, Sales at Tacel. “It was bulletproof.”

But as times and technology changed, Tacel decided to try a customized software package instead. “After just a few years, it ceased to fit our needs,” comments Smart. “It couldn’t provide the levels of inventory control we required. We thought we could live with it, but the problems grew too great. We knew we had to return to Sage Accpac.”

Tacel distributes to every province and territory across Canada, and

Custom business software could no longer adequately manage Tacel’s growth in inventory, manufacturing or distribution levels.
Sage Accpac ERP with MISys Manufacturing System have automated all aspects of operations.
Impac Solutions’ Sage Accpac system does the work of approximately nine employees, increasing accuracy and efficiencies for this national industry leader.

needed robust inventory tracking capabilities. “Sage Accpac ERP offers a wider base of solutions than other products on the market. When combined with MISys Manufacturing System, we were able to get the level of control we required. We re-implemented Sage Accpac in 2005 and have never looked back,” Smart notes.

Instant Improvements with Impac

Tacel selected Impac Solutions to implement its new Sage Accpac ERP solution. “Impac has been a great partner for us,” says Smart. “They’re a really down-to earth bunch of people. They designed a seamless system integrating Sage Accpac ERP and MISys Manufacturing System, so we now have an end-to-end solution. It is so much better than what we had before.”

Tacel now relies on its Sage Accpac ERP system to manage all business functions, including the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, bank reconciliation, payroll, order entry and call-in and administrative services. Manufacturing of Tacel’s flagship controllers, traffic signals, emergency vehicle preemption products and mounting hardware is managed by MISys.

Flexibility for Tacel

Users in the Montreal office are able to remotely connect to the host software in Toronto, and are responsible for entering and tracking their own orders. This relieves pressure on employees at headquarters.

Custom modules in Sage Accpac ERP give Tacel the flexibility to address diverse customer needs. “When it comes to the traffic control needs of Municipal, Provincial and Federal organizations, the possibilities are endless,” Smart says. “Now, we can design solutions for special events traffic management, emergency and evacuation routing, visual displays, and much more.”

Smooth Implementation
Impac Solutions has played a key role in the success of Tacel’s new system. “Impac helped us set up all the various accounts within Sage Accpac ERP. They

actually imported data from our old system into the new one, something we didn’t think could even be done,” explains Smart.

“They also set up the GL and AR accounts, configured servers and networks, and then got everything up and running,” he continues. “Impac trained our people, and had the two systems overlap for a brief period to ensure accuracy.”

No More Amber Alerts
Performance has been nothing short of stellar. “Since we implemented Sage Accpac ERP, the system has always run smoothly,” comments Smart. “Still, I am confident that if we ever experienced an issue, the folks from Impac would be here to help in short order.” Executives and auditors alike appreciate Impac’s Sage Accpac solution. “The reports and financials are straightforward, and in a format that is easily understood by senior management. When we are audited twice a year, the data is so clear that we have never had an issue,” Smart says.

Tacel also experienced significant bottom-line benefits. “The Sage Accpac ERP system implemented by Impac Solutions has made us more efficient and streamlined,” notes Smart. “It’s accurate and easy to use. We estimate that each of the Sage Accpac modules is as good as a full-time employee, saving us about nine new hires. Overall, we view the new solution as a key factor in our becoming one of the leading manufacturers of traffic control systems in Canada.”

About Impac

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