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Industries Served: Manufacturing

Edisoft was founded in 1995 with the vision of providing unparalleled EDI solutions that would enable small and medium-sized businesses to connect and trade easily with their trading partners. Edisoft set out to develop a product that would integrate full-featured EDI functionality directly into major accounting and ERP software systems.

Edisoft assembled an International team of EDI and software experts in its Toronto headquarters and embarked on an intensive R&D program. The result was the Edisoft Merchant suite of products, a complete EDI solution engineered to work seamlessly with the native databases of the most popular accounting systems.

ERP Integrated EDI
Edisoft Merchant™ is a turnkey integrated EDI platform that includes flexible options to send and receive EDI files using any type of VAN, Direct AS2 and FTP connection to help companies achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for Integrated EDI Solutions.

  • Supply Chain Performance Results
  • ERP Integrated EDI without customization
  • Increased Staff Productivity and Workflow Efficiency
  • EDI Compliance*
  • Accurate Data for Business Intelligence and Reporting

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