Franchise Management Software
Now more than ever, franchisors need to manage the entire franchise business while enabling the franchises to operate independently. To have visibility into the financial information per franchise location and roll up the information in real-time parlays into making informed and quick decisions.
Is real time a reality of today’s business? Franchise management software should provide a full view of your organizations financial and operational information as well as individual franchise from any device at any time. Access to key performance indicators like consolidated franchise data for easy reporting and detailed analysis that shows shrinkage, year over year sales, same store sales and new store sales is vital in today’s competitive environment. Real time visibility leads to improved cash flow management and revenue forecasting.
Automate Workflows
A franchise management solution should provide seamless automation for otherwise time-consuming tasks. For example, the digital capture of accounts payable invoices and automated payment processing reduces human error and process time. Another benefit to automation workflows is to quickly and accurately automate the calculation for royalties.
Take advantage of the cloud-based franchise management software options for anywhere, anytime access. Connect point-of-sale and front-office systems, as well as franchise and asset management, payroll, and payment applications and give each franchise the same access.
In short, a robust franchise management software solution will closely monitor performance and to help make better decisions; consolidate reports from live information and integrate with other applications to streamline operations.
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